What Weight Should You Lift

What Weight Should You Lift

This is one of the most common questions I am asked when a clients new training programme drops into their inbox. 

Without going into a long winded and overly elaborate reason behind my response, I will just leave you with what I often reply;

‘Lift a moderate weight that you feel comfortable in the initial stages, ensuring you are performing the exercise with correct form, full range of motion and focused on appropriate muscular contraction. Once these 3 aspects are nailed and you have developed confidence in doing so then increase the weight progressively each week/session.’

The reason behind this response is that it is both unrealistic and unethical of me to specify what weight you are capable of doing, even more so if you are only an online client and I cant get to work with you in person on the floor. 

There are a whole array of reasons behind what you are capable of lifting including your age, weight, genetics, experience, injury history, muscle mass and flexibility to name but a few and that’s not even considering short term factors such as sleep, nutrition, energy etc.

The reality is that when you are resistance training you are always aiming to create a novel stimulus on your body. This may be via added weight/load, longer time under tension, isometric holds or the use of resistance bands. 

By having a tailored programme devised your coach/personal trainer has already created a programme with relevant frequency and volume to help you progress. The load that you use during execution is very individual to you.

In future posts or videos I will discuss the setup of programming including the use of meso and micro cycles, how to relevantly deploy progressive overload, how volume and frequency can be manipulated and what periodisation is.

Let me know you’re thoughts on this below!

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