Client Results

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“1900 calories a day, 45 minute training sessions, no starvation, no endless cardio… pick your coach wisely.”

You can do alot to better yourself in a short space of time… Within 4 weeks of starting a regime with Joe my face was equally as happy as my belly. I’ve been with him for almost 2 years now!


Donna Cowan


“Amazing coach. The best actually. And I don’t say that lightly given I am a coach myself.”

Joe’s coaching and friendship has been invaluable and I’m truly humbled by how much help and support I’ve had through the entire process. Thanks mate.


Davie Boland


“I couldn’t recommend JM Fitness & Nutrition highly enough!”

I’ve made changes both physically & mentally thanks to Joe! I no longer starve myself. I’ve learnt a lot about food, training & about myself in the last few months!


Alana Hale

Nail Tech at Nailco

“Joe’s increased my speed, strength and endurance on the pitch. One year on I’m in the best condition I’ve ever been in.”

100% recommend Joe. He takes a keen interest in your nutrition and training but also your mental wellbeing too. Just wanted to say thanks very much mate, appreciate everything you’ve done for me so far.


Calum Waters

Professional Footballer

“Not many people out there with the passion and knowledge of Joe. Always has the clients best interest at heart. Known this guy through fitness and training for over 15 years. Highly recommended!”

Kev McCusker

Offshore Worker

“Knowledge is second to none in getting the best results possible.”

Highly recommend JM! Amazing work done in the 8 weeks programme.


Chris Duff

“Couldn’t be happier.” 

Joe is always there on hand if I have any questions and has a genuine passion helping his clients!


Gary Svilis