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“He’s an online coach, life coach and scientist who has changed my life.”

Honestly never thought this was an option for me. Training for years & not seeing results it became so frustrating until Joe rescued me. He thinks of every little thing and it’s the small detail he understands which sets him apart. He’s an online coach, life coach and scientist with a deep understanding of the human psyche. An amazing guy who has absolutely changed my life.


– A

“Joe’s changed my life.”

– Joanne H

“He didn’t only transform my physical appearance…”

Training with Joe didn’t only change my physical appearance, he taught me how to genuinely appreciate my mind and body and how important it is to have balance! I’ve learned alot and still take it forward in my own training. If it’s an overhaul you’re after the I’d highly recommend Joe. He’s patient, knowledgable and overall, a great teacher. Thanks so much!


– Emma

“In 18 months I’m 20kg down. I am so glad I put my trust in Joe.”

– Zahid 

Amazing coaching. The best actually. And I don’t say that lightly given I am a coach myself.”

JM’s coaching and friendship has been invaluable and I’m truly humbled by how much help and support I’ve had through the entire process. Thank you.


Davie B


“JM stands out from the rest of personal trainers in the industry. Join the revolution, you won’t look back.”

Professional, enthusiastic, positive and so much more. Always goes above and beyond. Each check in is in great depths. It never feels like anything is a trouble. I’ve never felt like just a number.


Joanna K

With the help of JM I’ve shifted over 20lb and look the leanest I ever have.”

What Joe doesn’t know about coaching isn’t worth knowing. He knows the game inside out. With support and guidance it’s inspired me to keep going. Thank you Joe, I appreciate your dedication to your work.


Paul S

Owner of Venetian Plaster Scotland

Girls photoshoot! 

“Have been a regular gym goer for the last few years but towards the end of last year I’d lost it and my eating was a riot. Got in touch with Joe and Megan in December and they tailored training and nutrition plans for me to start overhauling my bod and mindset. It’s still a work in progress but over the last few months, they’ve massively helped me to change my body shape, get leaner, stronger and get the motivation back to train! Thank you guys”

– Kirsten

1900 calories a day, 45 minute training sessions, no starvation, no endless cardio… pick your coach wisely.”

You can do alot to better yourself in a short space of time… Within 4 weeks of starting a regime with JM my face was equally as happy as my belly. 


Donna C


“I couldn’t recommend JM Fitness & Nutrition highly enough!”

For all your fitness and nutrition needs I’d highly recommend. I’ve been coached by JM since 2017 and the progress I’ve made along with everything I’ve learned is honestly invaluable. 10/10


Alana H

Owner at YAY Nails

“JM’s increased my speed, strength and endurance on the pitch. One year on I’m in the best condition I’ve ever been in.”

100% recommend. They take a keen interest in your nutrition and training but also your mental wellbeing too. Just wanted to say thanks very much, appreciate everything you’ve done for me so far.


Calum W

Professional Footballer

“Knowledge is second to none in getting the best results possible.”

Highly recommend JM!


Chris D

“Can’t rate JM highly enough.”

Full attention and focus is always given by JM and having heard positive feedback I decided to invest. Only 3-4 weeks in and can’t rate JM highly enough.  Their knowledge of the industry is second to none. I am excited to see what else JM can do when gyms/fitness clubs re-open.

Gary C,
Depute Head Teacher

“1 year ago I was 65, overweight and immobile. Now I’m 35lb lighter and walking 15k steps every day with no walking stick!”

Joe is a constant source of encouragement along with his team to keep us positive and motivated. It has made a huge difference to me and my quality of life not to mention my self esteem. Thanks.

Gerry B

“JM made what i didn’t think was possible for myself, possible.”

JM made what i didn’t think was possible for myself possible. Not only do they make me accountable and guide me to the physique and mindset I want but also put in the work and lead by example. Following the vast knowledge, training and incredible nutrition guidance I’ve achieved a physique I’m truly proud of. I’ve found extra drive which has given me discipline throughout all areas of my life. I highly recommend to anyone thinking of joining Team SMFB to take the plunge.


Chris A

“JM has changed my life completely.”

I was overweight, unhappy and had no discipline prior to joining Team SMFB. I started in February 2020 and it was the best decision I have ever made. I found consistency and live a much better and healthier lifestyle. I know if I didn’t have JM I would have continued to spiral downhill. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

Craig S,


“JM installed in my mind I could achieve what I wanted.”

What I didn’t expect when I signed up was their focus on my mental health and how much they genuinely care about their clients mental wellbeing and long term health rather than a quick 12 week before and after picture for Instagram. For me that is priceless, I could never see myself working with another coach.

Kris K

Production Manager

Not many people out there with the passion and knowledge of JM. Always has the clients best interest at heart. Known Joe particularly through fitness and training for over 15 years. Highly recommended!”

Kev M,

Offshore Worker

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