Ready to make more progress over the next 90 days than you have the past 6 months?

The Online Coaching Programme That Does What It Says

I guarantee to uplevel your body, mind and confidence in just 90 days so you can become the best version of you both personally AND professionally (without “falling off the wagon”, being miserable during the process or doing it alone)

Join a programme 100% personal to you, your goals and your life, no matter where in the world you are.


Said to be “life-changing” if you want to…


Detailed Consultation

A detailed and conclusive consultation process where I will get to know you, your current lifestyle, your goals and your level of training experience.

Tailored Training Programme

Receive a tailored and detailed training plan complete with exercises relative to your experience, the equipment you have or the gym you train in

Nutritional Plan and Guidance

A nutrition plan which details specific food sources, weighted amounts to the gram and how this relates to your overall calorie and macro nutrient breakdown.

Nutritional Overview Manual

This will provide you with your calorie breakdown, your macro nutrient breakdown as well as helpful hints and tips to help optimise your journey.

The JM Training App

Access your training, log your progress and watch video tutorials. You can also add your measurements, pictures and sync your My Fitness Pal.

Weekly Check-ins & Targets

Stay fully accountable with a private weekly check-in directly on Whatsapp. I will then log your info, feedback and provide next steps and challenges for the week ahead.

Team SMFB Whatsapp Group

Inside you'll receive daily interaction including motivational, educational and inspirational content delivered via voice notes, videos and text.

Access to Team SMFB Client Portal

Get free access to bonus coaching videos, meal ideas, articles, studies, a movement library, coaches diaries and more to make your progress feel EASY!

A Team of Like-Minded Individuals

You'll have a team of like minded people, all striving towards the same common goal - to be better - with a dedicated coach pushing and championing you in every step you take.