Fit For Life 90 Day Blueprint

A programme that is GUARANTEED  to give you back control so you can ditch the endless ‘quick fixes’ and drop body fat, for good!

Join so many others who are now happier, healthier and more confident than EVER …(even those who didn’t think it was possible)



✓ A programme 100% tailored to you, your body and your life!

✓ Weekly 1:1 private check-ins

✓ A detailed video module to watch every single week

✓ Achievable weekly targets that challenge and educate you

✓ Your unique logins to access our dedicated FFL App

✓ A bank of comprehensive training programmes/home workouts

✓ Over 100 FREE BONUS coaching resources

✓ New coaching resources added to our app every week

✓ A supportive online FFL group to join others on the same journey as you!



Apply to the next intake starting 1st March 2021!

We’re so confident in FFL, if we don’t give you what we promise we’ll give you every penny back.

This is not just a 90 day change. This is about creating the highest level of results that will transform your life!

A unique approach, Fit For Life is a fat loss programme like no other… 


👉🏻 Drop body fat while still eating and enjoying delicious food every day without the guilt


👉🏻 Be free from food confusion and food obsession, giving you complete peace of mind when a social occasion is added to the diary


👉🏻 Take control of your habits and your mind so you’re no longer tied to a number on the scales


👉🏻 Transform physically and mentally so you can be more present for family and friends


👉🏻 Learn everything you need to know so you can make progress for life and never have to invest in a ‘quick fix‘ ever again

``I've done a lot of programmes. But I've honestly never seen anything like this. It's amazing.``

- Amber

``I went on my first date in two years last weekend. I can't actually believe it and so glad I did this!``

- Emma

Receive “un-matched” guidance and support on your 90 day journey 

The FFL Blueprint

This alone will change your life. Inside our dedicated FFL app we share the secrets that others wont. Access the FFL Blueprint which comprises of 12 video modules where we teach and coach you through your journey, delivering your weekly targets and giving you knowledge for life. Complete 1 module per week!

Private 1:1 Coaching

Submit your private weekly check-in via the FFL app and receive direct and personal coaching support from FFL coaches Joe and Meg

Training Plans & Home Workouts

Over 42 individual workouts are included with new programmes added for you at least once per month. Access detailed training programmes specific to your aesthetic goals to ensure you're working towards them the best way possible - fat loss, muscle gain, strength, conditioning, home workouts, outdoor programmes.

Support Group

Join other like-minded people on the same transformational journey as you inside our online FFL support group.

Incredible Resources (FREE BONUS)

Access 100+ detailed coaching videos, meals and recipes, articles, exercise tutorials and more. All at your finger tips on our dedicated FFL app!


“After helping hundreds of people over the years, we created the FFL 90 Day Blueprint so we can truly make a difference to more peoples lives and give you everything we wish we had  YEARS ago. Our members are amazing, the results are incredible, and we love every second of it. Jump in – you won’t regret it!” – Joe and Meg

Ready to feel good about yourself and take back total control?

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