Do You Need Supplements In Your Diet?

Do You Need Supplements In Your Diet?

Welcome to this short article, answering a question asked often.

A common misconception in the fitness industry is that supplements are necessary for physical improvement. This simply isn’t the case.

Remember, this is the fitness ‘industry’ and as with every other industry, companies will happily lead you to believe that their super duper product will change your life. Many of these supplements won’t, but it will certainly line their pockets. 

The ‘missed’ concept in all of these product comes with the name – Supplement.

A supplement is there to support and assist. This could be when other food choices aren’t readily available, or maybe they aid you in consuming your calorie targets. Let’s say you can’t manage to fulfil your protein requirements via a source such as chicken for example, a protein shake would be a viable alternative. 

I’m not against supplements, I use them myself. But use them smartly and don’t rely on them for results.

I guess what I’m also trying to say, is don’t be duped into spending your hard earned cash on something you don’t need!

In the SMFB Academy, you’ll find a video where I take you through the supplements I use myself and with my clients – what, when, why and how. 

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