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Joe Murphy


Thanks for visiting my site! With over 14 years experience in the industry, I’m a drug free natural athlete and have been utilising and testing various methods throughout my career having entered the realms of fitness after playing football at city and national level as a youth.


I’m a believer in what ‘science says’ and always take the time to learn and test techniques and methods on my own body before applying them to my clients. My background is in education, and so teaching and educating my clients, as well as helping them achieve their goals, is something that heavily drives me at JM Fitness and Nutrition.


Although my passions lie in bodybuilding and powerlifting, JM Fitness and Nutrition is not only for bodybuilders. I am lucky enough to support clients of all ages, abilities and experience across the globe from management consultants in Australia to other Personal Trainers and elite professional footballers here in Scotland.


Take a look around my site. If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them. Thanks, Joe

Hear My Story

Why You Can Trust Me

“Trust is earned when action meets words.”

14 Years Experience

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Mangement

Masters in Education SCQF Level 11

UKDFBA Scottish Middleweight Champion 2017

5x Top 2 Placings BNBF & UKDFBA