Joe Murphy

How I can help:


I’m not here as a coach to tell you what to eat and count your reps. My coaching is not a quick fix (although results can be fast). It’s about imparting my knowledge with you so you can sustain results forever, being there to support as you navigate life while still holding you accountable to what it is you want to achieve. I think Team SMFB will vouch for that. 

With over 15 years experience in the industry, I’m a drug free natural athlete and have been utilising and testing various methods throughout my career having entered the realms of fitness after playing football at city and national level as a youth.

I’m a believer in what science says, I always take the time to learn and test techniques and methods before applying them to my clients.


My coaching is based on the mass amount of science, studies and literature I’ve read (and continue to read) over the years, I’m passionate about continuous professional development because educating my clients is engrained in me. Having spent 10 years as a teacher, leaving my role as Deputy Head Teacher was difficult however you never stop teaching nor learning.

Although my personal passions lie in bodybuilding, powerlifting and general functional fitness, I must stress JM Fitness and Nutrition is not only for bodybuilders.


In fact, the great majority of the clients I support are of all ages, abilities, experience levels and from varying religious backgrounds across the globe. From management consultants in Australia and house wives in Saudi Arabia to Police Officers, Business Owners, Personal Trainers, Online Coaches, Elite Professional Footballers to pensioners here in Scotland.


Meg Murphy

How I can help:


Having previously run my own successful Personal Training business, I met Joe in 2015 and two became one as we built JM Fitness and Nutrition together. Now, I offer female specific Personal Training and Massage as part of JM (and do lots of the business side of things behind the scenes too!). 

I have grown up with fitness engrained into me. My entire youth was spent playing competitive sport, competing at least at regional level in netball, swimming and badminton. When at university in 2010, I discovered ‘the gym’ and have been hooked ever since before going on to compete at PCA Scotland in Toned Figure. 

Over the years I have not only been through but witnessed the trials and tribulations females have with their body and confidence. Pressure, social media.. whatever it is.. sadly too many women look in the mirror and don’t like what they see. And it shouldn’t be like that…

My coaching is about supporting women achieve their goals to become better, stronger and more confident versions of their previous self. Of course, when working with coaches like us body transformation is high on the agenda, but it’s just as important that you learn to love yourself, be proud of yourself and be confident in your own skin whether you’re getting dressed up for a night out, walking around the supermarket or on the gym floor. Trust me, there’s no better feeling. 

“Trust is earned when action meets words.”