I help males & females transform their body, mind and performance so they can upgrade their life like never before.


17 Years Experience – Gym Owner – Natural Champion Bodybuilding Athlete – Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer – Diploma in Nutrition & Weight Management – Masters in Education SCQF Level 11

My coaching consists of three key pillars;

No-Nonsense Nutrition

Sustainable and tasty food that gets results. Understand the WHY behind the food you eat, the importance of hydration and how it will impact your cognitive function and physical performance.

Up-Levelled Training

Training specific to you, your body and your abilities. Unearth the truest potential your body has with a focus on progression, fat loss, strength, movement and mobility. From yoga, mobility and specific sports, I have you covered!

The Lifestyle YOU Want

Work with me to build a bulletproof you and a mindset filled with confidence, support and gratitude in a community of like-minded individuals. No longer will you repeat the same regressive habits and routines.

How I Can Help:


Work directly with me inside my ‘life changing’ 90 Day Transformational Coaching & Mentorship Programme for direct support, tailored programming, accountability, reflections, check ins and education portal resources to upgrade your life like never before!

Personal Training at Rise Gym

Get the extra push you need on the gym floor with myself! I work with all ages, abilities and experience levels at Rise Gym, East Kilbride. Spaces are limited, please look at packages on my website before enquiring. I’d love to hear from you if you need support. 

The Success Wall

After helping hundreds of people, both in person and online, I am passionate about making those within my team the best version of themselves possible. Join today to become part of  ‘Team SMFB’ or click on the button to Learn More about what the team have to say about their journey so far.