What Type of Person Are You? Part 1

Which type of person are you?

In Part 1 of this post I want to talk about the ‘type’ of person you are. The person you promote and who others see.

Working as an online coach and through developing my management skills in coaching and mentoring, I very quickly realised there are two types of people.

Successful People
Unsuccessful People

But what makes them different isn’t just the end result or goal, but their attitude and habits.

Let’s look a typical ‘Unsuccessful Person’ and what traits they tend to display;

– Think they know it all.
– Criticise and condemn others.
– Never set goals.
– Fear change.
– Hope others fail.
– Blame culture.
– Take ALL the credit.
– Talk about people negatively.
– Make promises they don’t keep.

In the SMFB Academy we look at Part 2 of what makes a ‘Successful Person’ and how we can actively improve our attitude, mindset and environment to help achieve the change.

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