“1900 calories a day, 45 minute training sessions, no starvation, no endless cardio… Pick your coach wisely

You can do a lot to better yourself in a short space of time.. Within 4 weeks of starting a regime with Joe my face was equally as happy as my belly. I’ve been with him for almost 2 years now!

Donna Cowan

Team SMFB Member  // Hairdresser

“Amazing coach. The best actually. And I don’t say that lightly given I am a coach myself.”

Joe’s coaching and friendship has been invaluable and I’m truly humbled by how much help and support I’ve had through the whole process. Thanks mate.

Davie Boland

Team SMFB Member // PE Teacher & UEFA A Licence Football Coach

“Very understanding and accommodating but at the same time encourages you to push yourself harder.”

Would definitely recommend, especially to those who find themselves getting intimidated or lacking knowledge in the gym and with nutrition.

Fiona McKenzie

Team SMFB Member // Dancer and Singer

“Joe’s increased my speed, strength and endurance on the pitch. One year on I’m in the best condition I’ve ever been in.

I would 100% recommend Joe. He takes a keen interest in not only your nutrition and training but also on your mental wellbeing as well. Just wanted to say thanks very much mate, appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

Calum Waters

Team SFMB Member // Kilmarnock FC Defender

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“He truly knows his stuff and it’s refreshing to have a coach that is in it for your well-being not just the money. Knowledgable, positive and the biggest thing is you feel part of a team. Couldn’t recommend better.” -Lesley-Anne Hendren

“Couldn’t recommend enough! I was miserable, stuck in a rut, had messed up my metabolism and had the worst relationship with food. I feel so much more sane and really can’t wait to see more changes in my body.” – Charis Blair 

“I asked Joe to get me into shape diet and fitness wise for my wedding and couldn’t believe the results I got from his plans. Not only did I enjoy the training and eating well joe also became a friend rather than just a quick check in every weekend. If you are looking for a plan and coach that not only gets your plan and results bang on but shows a genuine interest in his clients unlike a few pts out there who just see ££££ signs then JM Fitness & Nutrition is the team to join. Thanks Joe” – John Rolland

“I’ve only been working with Joe for a couple of weeks and I’m already loving it. His plans are enjoyable, none restrictive and have very quickly felt like a new lifestyle as opposed to a diet. Joe is very responsive, nothing seems like too much hassle. Looking forward to seeing what is to come and the changes I can make with Joes superb Knowledge and support!” – Michelle Sharp

“Highly recommend JM! Amazing work done in the 8 weeks programme, knowledge is second to none in getting the best results possible.” – Chris Duff

“Have been a regular gym goer for the last few years but towards the end of last year I’d lost it and my eating was a riot. Got in touch with JM Fitness & Nutrition in December and received a tailored training and nutrition plans for me to start overhauling my bod and mindset. It’s still a work in progress but over the last few months, I’ve massively changed my body shape, got leaner, stronger and get the motivation back to train! Thank you” – Kirsten Rae

“Fantastic service provided by Joe. Tried, tested nutritional guidance tailored to each individual (no “cookie cutter” nutrition here); exercise routines that, in my case, helped me both retain existing and gain (a little) muscle mass & strength while in a calorie deficit; he provides the personal touch. He’s always a text or message away if you need guidance or reassurance and doesn’t fob you off with short answers; he doesn’t kill you or force weight loss with stupidly low calories or excessive cardio and most importantly his nutritional and bodybuilding plans work. Without results what’s the point.” – Paul Lamont

“I couldn’t recommend JM Fitness & Nutrition high enough! I’ve made changes both physically & mentally thanks to Joe! I no longer starve myself, I’ve learnt a lot about food, training & about myself in the last few months! Joe’s always full of motivation & has really changed my mindset when it comes to ‘dieting’.” – Alana Hale

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